50 words story

Brad became Debbie after his sister hypnotized him. She made him wear sexy clothes and put up lots of makeup. She wanted to prepare him for a wild night. He would have to suck cock and take it in his tiny asshole like the proper sissified whore he had become.


Sissiefied by smartphone

John was a real man. At least he considered himself to be one. He never agreed with feminists and found them to radical in their battle for equal rights. He and his sister could argue a lot over this topic.
It was during one of this heated discussions Laura, his sister, decided John needed to get down a peg or two.
She had a brilliant friend. A hacker of sorts who specialized in sissy hypnosis porno.

‘Can you make something to feminize my brother,’ she asked him.

‘Of course,’ said Dan ‘but then I will be needing his smartphone.’

‘No problem, you’ll get him tomorrow,’ said Laura.

She snatched the phone away while John was fast asleep.

Laura was excited about her prank. She couldn’t almost wait what effect this would have on John.

She didn’t sleep much that night. The first thing in the morning she rushed to Dan who was still awake after a whole night of hacking.  He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and said:’ the video is ready, I just have to upload it in combination with some malware,’ he said.

‘You are a saint,’ Dan.’ Laura said and she gave him a peck on the cheek.

John was angry.

‘Where is my smartphone, I hate when people are stealing mu stuff.’

‘You left him downstairs,’ Laura said with an innocent look on her face.

John mumbled something and grasped the phone out of her hand. He began to check his email. He was not aware subliminal pictures and sound were bombarding his brain.

He got the urge to ask Laura if she could borrow him her underwear to wear. He wanted the silky sensation rubbing against his non throbbing cock. But he could restrain himself.

Days went by and John got a hard time controlling his urges. At the construction site he looked different at his colleagues, as potential man who would fill his horny holes.

He tried to shake it off. But the smartphone did his job relentless. Fast reprogramming John’s brain and turning him in a submissive beta male.

After coming home from work one day the craving became to big to resist. He went in his sister’s room and raided the closet. Eagerly with a throbbing cock he put on a pair of red knickers and a pink dress. He also put on stockings and a pair of stiletto heels. He had no difficulty walking on them. He had bought a wig on his way home. The salesman had looked strangely at him when he walked out with a brunette long haired wig but he couldn’t care less.

He put it on, the transformation was incredible. John may have been a manly man but he always shaved all of his body hair. Out of hyenic reasons. The smooth feeling of the stockings made him almost cum while he looked in the bathroom mirror. But there was something missing. Make up. He borrowed the kit from his sis and started it applying eyeliner, mascara and lipstick with caution.

At that moment Laura returned from work.

When she saw him, she gasped for air.

Dan had sure done a bang up job messing with John’s head.

‘John, are you feeling well?’ Laura asked.

With a soft, feminine voice John answered;’ would you mind calling me Jenny, sis.’

‘No, not at all.’

‘Good then I will start to cook us a healthy meal.’

‘Cooking, eating healthy? You practically live on fast-food and you never pick up something for me,’ Laura answered still not believing her eyes.

‘That’s all in the past, I am turning my life around. I also quit my job at the construction. I have found a new job in at a hairdresser. He calls Mario, he is such a sexy sweet man.’

Laura thought she went too far.

Feminizing John was one thing but turning him gay was maybe a bridge to far. But she couldn’t quit now. If John should learn what she had be doing to him he would become furious.

‘I’ll by you some sexy outfits,’ she said mischievous ‘your birthday is coming along anyway,’ she said.

‘That’s so nice of you, sis,’ Jenny said perfectly content with how things were now between him and Laura.

Why had he never seen how a cool sister he had.^

Laura’s girlfriend Kelly dropped in that evening. She could barely contain her laugh.

‘How did you pull this off?’ she whispered to Laura.

‘Ask Dan, he is amazing.’

‘You think John will be bringing home guys from now on?’

‘I don’t know. The subliminal messages could have turned him gay. But I have a hard time believing my macho brother is now a cocksucker.’
The three of them watched a romantic comedy and had a marvelous time.

‘You know, Laura,’ Kelly said with a smirk ‘I sure could get used to Jenny,’ while she was leaving.

Ruined evening

The dinner just wasn’t a success. It was noisy in the restaurant. The food smelled awful, the taste wasn’t any better and John never had purple soup in his life. He looked desperately at his date who was as enthusiastic about the place as he was. That meant he wouldn’t get any action tonight.

‘We can always go to a Mac Donald’s,’ he pleaded.

‘Do I look to you as the kind of woman who would go to a fast-food restaurant,’ she said coldly.
She took her fur coat, got up from the table and stepped out hailing a cab.


Since his puberty Kelly had a condition. He was a boy but he had blackouts. During these periods his female alter ego took over. He dressed up, put on boots and a wig. He turned to Jayce, a fierce professional assassin.

During one of his periods as Jayce he met his handler. The man in raincoat with a mustache handed her a file. This is not an easy one. The Syndicate wants him dead. He foiled there plans one to many times.
‘Why is he dressed up as some kind of bat?’ Jayce laughed.
‘Because he is Batman, he is a grim superhero you don’t want to mess with, I advise you to be very careful.’
‘Oh, John, you know I don’t do cautious. I’ll just bide my time.’
‘I hear he is going to hit a lab tonight, Joker is making a potent toxin there.’
‘You never heard of him, under which rock have you been hiding.? He is a notorious psychopathic killer.’
During one of his periods as Jayce he met his handler. The man in raincoat with a mustache handed her a file. This is not an easy one. The Syndicate wants him dead. He foiled there plans one to many times.
‘Why is he dressed up as some kind of bat?’ Jayce laughed.
‘Because he is Batman, he is a grim superhero you don’t want to mess with, I advise you to be very careful.’
‘Oh, John, you know I don’t do cautious. I’ll just bide my time.’
‘I hear he is going to hit a lab tonight, Joker is making a potent toxin there.’
‘You never heard of him, under which rock have you been hiding.? He is a notorious psychopathic killer.’
‘You want me to kill him too while I am at it?’
‘Njet, he is only a secondary target.’
‘Da, I understand. goodbye John, if you go back to Russia say hello to my grandmother.’
‘Take care, Jayce, you’ll need every bit of luck you can get.’

A bunch of beer cans were littering the streets of the bad neighborhood of Gotham. A collection of used condoms left by hookers didn’t do much to make the place more lovely. A gathering of corrupt police officers were guarding a building. The Joker’s men possible. They held magazines and looked at a variety of Playboy centerfolds. Some of them were bored and played with a bunch of yo-yo’s; Something was definitely off with those men. They all had pale faces and a creepy smile on their face. It was the effect of the Joker’s toxin.

She unpacked her sniper rifle with a silencer and discharged a couple of shots, killing of the cops. When the other ones went for the gun they were kicked against the pavement by a man in a Bat costume swinging from up the sky.

Jayce wanted to kill him. But the cross-dresser was too slow. A batarang, a throwing device knocked the rifle out of her hands. Batman gave her a punch. This was enough to end the blackout and turn her back in Kelly.
‘Where the fuck am I,’ Kelly asked ‘how did I get here. Oh, God, I am dressed again as a woman. Why does this keep happening?’

‘Shut your trap,’ Batman said ‘if the Joker hears you, you are as good as dead. I believe you are an ideal patient for Arkham Asylum, but I have no time to take you to the nuthouse. Behave and I’ll give you a second change.’

Kelly thanked the masked hero and bolted.

Flashpoint (3)

As soon as The Flash was defrosted he checked his options. He couldn’t escape. His powers were dampened. There was only one option. He should tempt Caitlyn into changing to Killer Frost and let her make a mistake. He shivered. Captain Cold had hit him hard with his frost gun.

‘Hey, Caitlyn, miss Ronny very much. Our Garrick for that matter,’ he yelled knowing Caitlyn could hear him ‘our Jay for that matter. Seems you can’t keep your men in your life alive.’

‘Oh, I’ll kill you with my own hands,’ Caitlyn said angrily turning into Killer Frost.

She blasted the cell. Barry knew it weakened the material. He hit with all his power against the safety glass that shattered. Killer Frost blasted him again. This time Flash jumped into the blunt of the beam. It hit his collar. He broke it and started running, knocking Caitlyn to the ground.

He increased his speed, and once more time traveled. This time he took care of all the alternative versions that were present in his parent’s house. The Reverse-Flash he left to his gruesome task of killing his mother.

But in his haste he made one mistake, he returned but missed the portal by some inches making him end up in a different era.

A bunch with spears and shields and armor advanced at him.
It seemed he landed in the age when the Romans ruled. Speeding he defeated the soldiers. But then he got knocked out cold by something. It was a green monster. The Romans feared him. With a reason. That monster was displaced through time and space; He was called Bruce Banner, or his alias The Incredible Hulk.

Flash shook his head, that punch could have killed him at normal speed. He began circling the green giant. He gathered enough energy to throw a lightening bolt at him. It barely affected the Hulk who grunted. Hulk took grasp of a giant rock and threw it effortlessly to Flash who dodged it.

Knowing he was no match for the creature, Flash ran for it, again traversing time holding the Hulk and ending up in Central City. There were still a lot more meta humans and Zoom had taken control of the city but he got his friends at Star Labs back. Cisco came worried to him.

The Hulk changed back to Banner trough the time displacement.
‘Who are you?’ Banner asked.
‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,’ the Flash said ‘I could use your help.’
‘You got me away from those annoying Romans, that’s worth something,’ Hulk said ‘I was fighting Doctor Doom and he lured me to his time machine transporting me here.’
‘Look I will return you to your own dimension but I have things to take care first at home.’
‘That’s alright, I am a patient man,’ Bruce said.

‘Barry, Zoom has Caitlyn. He plans to turn her into Killer Frost and arrange some crazy marriage.’
‘I’ll stop him.’
‘It won’t be easy, he defeated several versions of you and added their speed to his own.’
‘Is his lighting still blue?’
‘Yes,’ Cisco answered.
‘Then he is still dying. We just have to wait until the proper time, when he is weakened we attack him. His alias Hunter Solomon is a psychopath but what he has in cruelty he lacks in sound reasoning.’
‘We haven’t got much time,’ a voice Flash recognized said.>
It was doctor Wells.
‘When I heard from the troubles from Cisco I traveled immediately from earth-3 to this planet. We are working on a device to drain the energy from Zoom. But there has to be done something to all his henchmen.

Leave that to me Flash said. I’ll learn them what a very fast person can accomplish.
‘Hulk will smash them all,’ Banner said with a battle-lust in his green eyes. The transformation began. He turned back to the amazing Hulk.
‘Now, let’s crash a wedding,’ Flash laughed.
‘Hulk smash!’ Banner responded.’

To be continued…

Flashpoint (part 2)

The Flash returned to the past in order to restore the timeline. To accomplish this he had to defeat and capture the reverse flash.

Red lightning permeated from the man in the yellow suit.
‘Flash, your back to try and safe mommy. It won’t do you any good. Your timing is off by some minutes, she is already dead.’
Flash went berserk and started pummeling his foe. He beat him eventually out cold. Grabbing him he returned to the present.

The timeline wasn’t fully recovered. During the explosion of the particle accelerator many more humans obtained power than was previous the case. Central City was swamped with evil doers.

He decided to visit some old friends. He discovered however Cisco was killed by an evil version of Caitlin who went by the name Mistress. Professor Wells returned to his earth. And Kid Flash was crippled. As for Joe and Iris, they were no where to be found.

Flash decided to confront Caitlyn. She wore a red attire that was very sexy, in her hand she held a whip that emanated electricity.
‘So you are back from your little trip,’ she said coldly. ‘I will make you what real pain feels like, Barry. You ruined my life with Ronny. It’s your fault he died.’
‘That’s not true Caitlin, and you know it. His molecules became unstable, he just exploded.’
‘Captain, my dear, put him on ice,’ Caitlyn commanded.

Captain Cold appeared with his frost rifle and encased the surprised Flash in ice.
‘That sure will slow him down.
‘I don’t like taking risks with the likes of him, fit him with a power dampening collar.
‘How should I do that,’ Snart, as Captain Cold was called asked ‘he is completely covered in eyes.’
‘That’s your business, just see that it’s done and throw him in the meta proof cell afterwards; I have some work at Star Labs that can’t be delayed. We have a world to conquer.’

To be continued…

The Sorceress tales (part 2)

Aisha regretted leaving without thanking the two for their much appreciated help in keeping her alive. But she had to find her evil twin. Danaris could wreak havoc and destruction.
Little did she know she was organizing a jailbreak at Riker’s Island. She mesmerized the warden and jailers to open up the cells. Than she waved her hands spreading magic energy around granting all the inmates some magical power.
‘Now go and party, I froze the sea, you can walk over to the mainland,’ she said exhausted.
‘A lady, let’s fuck her,’ one of the prisoners said with a dangerous expression on his face. Danaris had enough strength left to vaporize him.
‘Don’t bother with that witch, we are out of here,’ said the ringleader. They all followed him, wildly whooping.

‘This will occupy my sister,’ she grinned. Then she fell to the cold floor and lost her consciousness.

The first thing she noticed is that she was in a jail cell wearing a collar. With her on the other side of the bars was a bald man.
‘My, my, a real life sorceress, that I may witness this at my old age still.’ he hissed like a serpent.
‘What do you want from me, creepy guy? Speak before I kill you.’
‘Go ahead, try it,’ he laughed sinister.
Danaris wanted to throw a fireball but nothing happened.
‘That’s a power-dampening collar, the Grimoire of Nicolas Flamel, a famous sorcerer learned me all about crafting one. This world knows little magic. But bumping into you was a gift from the gods. I will drain your magical essence and use it for myself.’
For the first time in ages Danaris wished her sister was here to aid her.

Aisha was picked up in a strange vehicle by the two who aided her.
“The heating is on, at least let us give you a lift, you are in no condition to walk,’ the gothic girl pleaded.
‘But why do you care?’
‘You tried to save people at the port, we saw it. We want to do something in return.’
Aisha sent out a firefly searching for her sister.
‘Alright, follow that firefly,’ she said and hopped in.
‘Seat belt, the guy said,, safety first.’
‘What’s a seat belt?’ Aisha asked.
He rolled his eyes.
The girl said:’you are sure strange, girl.’

To be continued…

The Sorceress tales part 1

The battle was a tie. None of the sisters had the power to best the other with their powerful magic.

‘I hate you, Aisha,’ Danira said ‘and I shall see you destroyed.’

‘You always have been the evil one, Danira, I won’t stand for any more of your crimes.’

‘Let’s fight this out somewhere else,’ Danira grinned. She opened a portal and jumped trough before Aisha could stop her. She knew it could be a trap but she had no choice then to follow her older twin sister.

There was a burst of light, flickering sparkles and something pulling her away with great speed.

Then she appeared in a weird place. Gigantic buildings were everywhere, scratching the sky. Noisy metal monsters seemed angry for her standing there. In what hellhole Danira had dragged her with her?

She decided to go to the relative safeness of the pavement. The Aldrean Sorceress had to locate her dreaded sister as soon as possible. She could be up to all kinds of mischief.

She decided to do a locator spell. Pointing her finger upward she let a firefly loose. People around her looked astonished. Why was that, hadn’t they seen magic before? Aisha decided she could better make herself invisible. It would drain her magic but she didn’t want to confront the people here before she knew their intentions. The firefly darted off, heading West. In the distance Aisha saw a harbor with strange steel behemoths. What kind of ships were these?

Suddenly she saw lighting fell out a cloudless sky.

‘It must be Danira,’ she said alarmed.

As soon as possible she started running in the direction of the firefly.

A couple of ships already were struck and started sinking. Danira, her red hair loose in the sea breeze laughed uncontrollably.
‘This is so cool, these puny flesh bags don’t know what hit them.’
Aisha was exhausted when she reached the harbor.
‘Oh, look, miss spoil it all has arrived. Very stupid, sis, I sense you are weak.’

‘Strong enough to stop your evil plans, Dani’

‘oh, hut I don’t have any plans, I just am going to plunge this world into chaos so that they suffer as much as I did.’

‘You can’t take it out on them that father left you to die in that forest.’

‘And if Zorah hadn’t found me and taken me in it would have been my death.’

‘Zorah was a witch, she corrupted you.’

‘Easy for you to say, you always were the apple of daddy’s eyes,’ Danira hissed.

She fired a ice blast towards Aisha.

The sorceress hadn’t the strength to dodge the attack. She got frozen and collapsed.

‘Happy ending, sister, I will not stick around for a eulogy,’ Danira grinned and she teleported away.

We have to warm her up real fast, Amy, I can’t detect a pulse anymore.’

‘I know that, Trent, I have given her three blankets and the thermostat is standing at the maximum.’

‘Let’s rub her, it helps the blood from moving again.’

Then with a gasp Aisha sat up in the worn out red couch.

‘Were am I?’ she shouted.

Then she realized she wasn’t on her home planet.

She looked at the two odd figures staring at her.

‘Who are you?’

‘I am Amy,’ said the gothic girl ‘and this nerd is Trent.’ She pointed her thumb to her boyfriend.

‘I am not a nerd, I just love computers.’

‘More than me sometimes.’

Thanks for saving me, but I can’t stay. My sister is out there and she must be stopped.

‘But you are in no condition to move,’ Amy protested.

‘I…I have no choice,’ Aisha said and she teleported away.

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Car Chase

Before I knew it she jumped in my car on the passenger seat.
‘Follow that car,’ she commanded.I shouldn’t have driven through the Bronx. But I knew a shortcut to work.Furthermore the car I chased was a tuned sports car, no way in hell I could keep up wit hit. But the gun on my temple motivated me a lot.‘Look, I’ll can’t keep up.’‘No excuses, or you’ll die,’ she had a Russian accent, probably a hit man.I put the petal to the metal and continued the chase, dangerously zigzagging through traffic.Then I realized she didn’t wear her suit belt. I slammed in to a car. She was smashed through the windshield. I was unharmed. I stepped out, grabbed the gun and pointed it at her.‘Wait nicely till the police arrives, ma’am.’ The sports car had stopped and drove back. Next I knew they fired at me with Uzi’s through the windows. I ducked for cover behind parked cars. But I couldn’t sit still long, they hit the fuel tanks and the cars exploded. I was running out of cars to hide after.This couldn’t be happening to me, I was a boring accountant. Now I was the main attraction in a gangster movie.I decided to make a run for it. I got hit directly and died on the pavement. The next I remembered was that I was in a place, hot, full of sulfur and brimstone. I hung from a meat hook.‘Daniel, you are dead and in hell. Want a change to get revenge on the men that killed you?’‘Yes, please,’ I didn’t what else to say.‘Then we will send you back to earth as a demon. You will have no problem claiming their souls. Let one lose, and collect six in return. Not a bad deal now is it?’I woke up on the pavement in New York.I noticed my senses had heightened, speed was increased and I succeeded in lifting a car and throwing it a couple of meters further.Now I had to find the killers. My nose picked up the scent of gunpowder. Gunpowder used in the bullets of Uzi’s. I commenced the chase.But in the middle of my run a winged creature blocked my path.‘Not an inch further, demon or this angel will kill you and send you back to hell.’That’s all I needed, a fight between good and evil slowing me down.The angel wielded a sword, I was unarmed. ‘You are a day walking vampire,’ a voice in my head said ‘use It to your advantage.’I used my speed and strength to overpower the angel, she stabbed me, but missed my heart. I sucked her blood and felt her weakening. It was divine blood so I even grew stronger.After this brief interlude I had no trouble locating the car and killing the six criminals. But one hit me in the heart and I winded back up in hell with them. My bad luck!

The Robots rule

The robots rule

Humanity played with AI as a child with a loaded gun. By the time they hooked up the Supercomputers together it was too late for Homo Sapiens. Everything with a computer chip turned against them. Humanity lost the war. Some survived, enslaved to become maids for their Masters, the Robots. But in the sewer you had the resistance. Their numbers where dwindling but their determination to overthrow the Regime with each fresh casualty.

Eobard Thawne was the leader of the resistance. A speedster called the Reversed Flash. He was a man of the future stranded in this dystopian nightmare.
With his superspeed he had totaled a lot of bots, but he couldn’t do it alone. He would have to work with his archnemesis and he didn’t like that one bit. Yet he searched for a viber to open a portal to Earth-1. He ended up in Central City. The Flash wanted to fight him directly. But Eobard convinced him to free earth-45.

Cisco vibed them through a portal to the robot world.

‘I hope this isn’t a clever scheme, Eobard, I will whoop your ass otherwise.’
‘Wait till you see what happened to this planet. I was happy to find a viber that still was alive to open a portal. I was stranded here for over a year. Humanity is destroyed or enslaved.’

‘What do you want me to do?’

‘Join our Resistance group, we have to take out their Supercomputer, they are all steering this.’

‘When will you attack?’

‘There is no right time, during the day automatic artillery and armed bots patrol the street. At night light sensitive drones in the air.’

‘I say we attack at dawn,’ said Flash.

‘During the change of the guard, why didn’t I think of that?’ Eobard said.

‘How many men do you have?’

‘Twenty armed with proton blasters, there are six Supercomputers.’

‘That’s going to be hard to accomplish, how about taking out a few and wait till the next day to take out the others?’ Flash asked.

‘Impossible, day can rebuild a computer from scratch in a couple of hours.’

‘How about a computer virus?’

‘There firewall is state of the art. And we have no decent hacker.’
‘Let me get Cisco, he can device a virus, we will in the meantime destroy the Computers.’

‘Alright, but we can’t vibe indefinitely, they’ll pick up the energy. Bring Frost with you too, she’ll be able to help.’

‘Alright, Eobard. I’ll go, hang tight.’

Cisco began immediately devising a nasty virus. Frost joined the Resistance and went with them to take out the computers.
Eobard and Flash ran from Computer to Computer, they were battling Cisco’s virus and where helpless but the artillery and bots guarded them.

‘Flash, they hit me, I am dying,’ said Eobard.

‘Hold on, I’ll get you out here,’ Flash answered.

One Computer remained.

The Resistance lead by Frost attacked the compound. Caitlyn Snow, Frost, blasted the safety door with an ice load and another pulverized the weakened steel with a sledgehammer.

The computer was guarded by a behemoth, the toughest bot the Regime possessed.

‘Oh, shit, we are in trouble,’ said Frost when she saw the giant.

Proton blasts filled the air with no avail.

Frost fired the coldest rays she could muster but the monster was unaffected and fired himself. All members of the Resistance accept Frost who could away on an ice slide died.

Then Flash turned up, he ran like never before and fired a lightning bolt off. It fried the circuitry of the giant. They destroyed the last Supercomputer.

The surviving humans celebrated their new found liberty.

‘Where still enemies, Flash.’
‘A pity, I liked to work together with you, Eobard.’

‘Let’s both go our own way. Let Cisco vibe us out of here.’

‘Happy to oblige, evil villain,’ Cisco joked.

I hope they’ll think twice before using AI in a foolish way over here,’ said Flash back at Earth-1.

‘I am doubtful they will,’ Cisco answered.