50 words story (2)

Scully from the X-files was always one of my favorites. I got to meet her in the dressing room of the set were I used my hypno gem to enslave her. We went to my place where she put on a Mistress outfit, she would entertain me the whole evening.



I glance at my handy tablet, containing a small library. I read the writing prompts. They were designed to give me inspiration. I entered the device with a fingerprint scan. I had a glass cover. I bought it with the New Year’s money from my family. It was love at first sight. It had a pen with which you could take notes. This prompt asked to describe it. Well it  had a plastic cover at the back, storing the pen neatly in a opening that you could close off. I think such an amazing thing deserves more than hundred words.

My faithful companion,
easing my life,
letting me take notes.
Traverse trough Twitter and Instagram,
play a party of chess.
A myriad of options,
I love you more than any woman.
I know I am a nerd,
but I don’t mind it at all.