My brother, the bimbo

She is called Bambi now. After the successful hypnosis session by my girlfriend, we committed my brother for surgery. Also, we bought him the sluttiest clothes he could afford himself with his tiny salary as a Mac Donald’s employee. Afterwards we rented him out to a nasty looking pimp that wanted to taste the merchandise before paying us 5000 dollars for it.


Look at you

What has become of that happy girl,

smiling at life.

She is so pale and looks tired,

the needle her only friend.

The drugs running trough her veins,

a poison numbing her brain.

No more feelings,

as the sweet heroine intoxicates the junk.

It’s the path to a slow suicide by overdose.


Get your shit together.
There is no light, I can’t seem to see
there is no one left to catch me.
Sent me too the marsh,
let me drown.
I am tired,
master of misery,
have pity
release me,
let me drown in quicksand.
I don’t want to get here out alive.
I am going to spend my last night here,
I think I finally see clear.
When you won’t comply,
I’ll make them hang me,
neck snapping,
time will tell,
it shall fly
drenched in the rain of angel’s eyes
humans die.