Sissiefied by smartphone

John was a real man. At least he considered himself to be one. He never agreed with feminists and found them to radical in their battle for equal rights. He and his sister could argue a lot over this topic.
It was during one of this heated discussions Laura, his sister, decided John needed to get down a peg or two.
She had a brilliant friend. A hacker of sorts who specialized in sissy hypnosis porno.

‘Can you make something to feminize my brother,’ she asked him.

‘Of course,’ said Dan ‘but then I will be needing his smartphone.’

‘No problem, you’ll get him tomorrow,’ said Laura.

She snatched the phone away while John was fast asleep.

Laura was excited about her prank. She couldn’t almost wait what effect this would have on John.

She didn’t sleep much that night. The first thing in the morning she rushed to Dan who was still awake after a whole night of hacking.  He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and said:’ the video is ready, I just have to upload it in combination with some malware,’ he said.

‘You are a saint,’ Dan.’ Laura said and she gave him a peck on the cheek.

John was angry.

‘Where is my smartphone, I hate when people are stealing mu stuff.’

‘You left him downstairs,’ Laura said with an innocent look on her face.

John mumbled something and grasped the phone out of her hand. He began to check his email. He was not aware subliminal pictures and sound were bombarding his brain.

He got the urge to ask Laura if she could borrow him her underwear to wear. He wanted the silky sensation rubbing against his non throbbing cock. But he could restrain himself.

Days went by and John got a hard time controlling his urges. At the construction site he looked different at his colleagues, as potential man who would fill his horny holes.

He tried to shake it off. But the smartphone did his job relentless. Fast reprogramming John’s brain and turning him in a submissive beta male.

After coming home from work one day the craving became to big to resist. He went in his sister’s room and raided the closet. Eagerly with a throbbing cock he put on a pair of red knickers and a pink dress. He also put on stockings and a pair of stiletto heels. He had no difficulty walking on them. He had bought a wig on his way home. The salesman had looked strangely at him when he walked out with a brunette long haired wig but he couldn’t care less.

He put it on, the transformation was incredible. John may have been a manly man but he always shaved all of his body hair. Out of hyenic reasons. The smooth feeling of the stockings made him almost cum while he looked in the bathroom mirror. But there was something missing. Make up. He borrowed the kit from his sis and started it applying eyeliner, mascara and lipstick with caution.

At that moment Laura returned from work.

When she saw him, she gasped for air.

Dan had sure done a bang up job messing with John’s head.

‘John, are you feeling well?’ Laura asked.

With a soft, feminine voice John answered;’ would you mind calling me Jenny, sis.’

‘No, not at all.’

‘Good then I will start to cook us a healthy meal.’

‘Cooking, eating healthy? You practically live on fast-food and you never pick up something for me,’ Laura answered still not believing her eyes.

‘That’s all in the past, I am turning my life around. I also quit my job at the construction. I have found a new job in at a hairdresser. He calls Mario, he is such a sexy sweet man.’

Laura thought she went too far.

Feminizing John was one thing but turning him gay was maybe a bridge to far. But she couldn’t quit now. If John should learn what she had be doing to him he would become furious.

‘I’ll by you some sexy outfits,’ she said mischievous ‘your birthday is coming along anyway,’ she said.

‘That’s so nice of you, sis,’ Jenny said perfectly content with how things were now between him and Laura.

Why had he never seen how a cool sister he had.^

Laura’s girlfriend Kelly dropped in that evening. She could barely contain her laugh.

‘How did you pull this off?’ she whispered to Laura.

‘Ask Dan, he is amazing.’

‘You think John will be bringing home guys from now on?’

‘I don’t know. The subliminal messages could have turned him gay. But I have a hard time believing my macho brother is now a cocksucker.’
The three of them watched a romantic comedy and had a marvelous time.

‘You know, Laura,’ Kelly said with a smirk ‘I sure could get used to Jenny,’ while she was leaving.

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